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Do you want PTSD gone from your life?

Would you like an experienced guide to assist you as you remove the PTSD stored inside of you?  If so, we’ll do this step-by-step, and we’ll check to make sure the results stick.

Have you tried before? I want you to know how gentle this process is.  You won’t have to retrigger your trauma or have yet another stress reaction in order to get results with The ICE Method. In fact, staying calm while we do the work is what its all about.

The program includes:

  • Individual sessions to remove stored upset molecules of emotion from your PTSD events.
  • Individual sessions to reintegrate your life back to normal.
  • Daily email check-in so you can make steady progress without getting stuck in roadblocks or unnecessary detours.
  • Quick-Calls as needed to get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Two options for one-on-one work.

Both levels include the guarantee of eliminating your PTSD.

Level One - Eight Weeks

Together we will address the events and experiences that caused your PTSD.  You will remove the upsets that have stored in your brain and body from these experiences.
One-on-one for eight weeks: $2400.

Level Two - Twelve Weeks

This highest level goes deeper into the stored chemistry from your whole life. If you’re aware of how childhood upsets or other life experiences may be holding you back, you’ll find transformation and new life freedom in this deepest level of one-on-one work.
One-on-one for twelve weeks: $3600.

Call Me

If this is what you’re looking for – PTSD gone from your life – guaranteed – then it’s time for us to talk.

Together we can choose the best path for you to get free from your PTSD.

Phone me at: 509-885-2262
Or email me at:

Who else will benefit when you get well?

Is it your wife or your husband, your partner, or your best friend?  Is it your children?  Your parents? Is it your coworkers or your boss?  What about your social groups and your community?  How will their lives change when you eliminate your PTSD?

What triggers your PTSD?

  • Sounds or Smells?
  • People or Crowds?
  • Traffic?
  • Conflict?
  • Memories?

If you have triggers, stored emotions are impacting you.

You may have tried everything available.  If you still have PTSD, it’s because you still have “molecules of emotion” (chemistry) locked in your brain and body.

If you don’t remove these stored molecules of emotion, you will never eliminate your PTSD.  If you don’t remove them, the best you’ll ever get is coping and surviving.

The good news.

You don’t have to settle for survival.  You can do better than just cope.  You can remove the stored molecules that cause your PTSD.  And you’ll do it just by paying attention, focusing, and activating what’s stored in your brain and body.  By paying attention this way, you remove the cause of your PTSD.

A Synapse

Your molecules of emotion store here. When you remove the PTSD emotions from these brain locations and from your body, you’ll get back to normal.