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Lars Clausen understands the chemistry of calm. I’ve already used his simple ICE Method to bring calm to childhood issues that nothing else ever addressed so directly and effectively.  Just after learning the ICE Method we had a serious illness in our family and I used The ICE Method to stay calm and present.  I am a Mental Health Counselor, and I’ll be integrating Memory Reconsolidation and The ICE Method into my work with war veterans and others with PTSD.

Janet Roberson

Counselor, M Ed, LMHC, Wenatchee, Washington

For five decades I lived with constant fight/flight/freeze stress and anxiety, including frequent panic attacks. For the past two years, ICE has been an absolutely simple, safe and effective way to live calm and chip away at any of my personal baggage.

Dennis Dyck

EFT Practitioner, British Columbia

Thank you Lars. I feel blessed by this process! The ICE Method  has given me new ways to cope and move through- and laugh at- the fear and panic I have been stuck in for a long time. I have tried many different ways to free myself from it, including a variety of medications but The ICE Method  has truly shown itself as a real, natural and viable tool that I can use anytime, anywhere.


The ICE Method profoundly reminded me that pain has many unconscious causes and solutions. Having lived with chronic pain for almost 20 years I can say easily that ICE is the most direct and easeful method I have used to date—and it works!  I recommend this method to anyone who suffers from pain or stress on any level; physical, mental, or spiritual. I use ICE daily myself— an amazing tool for self-healing and wellness!

Kari Lyons-Price

President, NCW Integrative Health Network

Just after getting a college volleyball scholarship, I tore my ACL and meniscus. I used The ICE Method to calm my fears about my injury and my worries about the future of my volleyball career. I’m staying calm throughout the recovery and I feel it’s helping my body to recover more quickly.

Eliana Ali’ilima-Daley

Student, Cascade High School

I recommend some of my clients to work with Lars and they come back with very positive outcomes every time.

Josette Pelletier

Co-founder. Inner Mountain Healing Art , Craniosacral Therapy, Alexander Technique, Massage

I found the ICE method to be an amazingly simple and incredibly effective process. I was sold immediately when I tried it on some neck pain that had not budged no matter what other methods and medications I had tried. Once I used ICE, the pain melted away and didn’t return. I have also tried ICE on emotional issues with equal success.

Tamara Staples

President, Fibromyalgia-ME/CFS Support Center

I had to leave college because of crippling pain and illness. Three sessions of The ICE Method alleviated my stress and my pain. Thanks to The ICE Method, I’m back in school again, pain free!!

Naomi Ellingson

Student, Western Washington University

The ICE method has greatly facilitated me in my journey. It has helped calm down my nervous system and inflammation enough to allow my body to heal without looping through the same patterns of pain. I am more aware of the present moment, less anxious and have been enjoying the movement of my body. I overcame fibromyalgia. I am a success story!

Roxanna Adams

Intuitive Empath, Winthrop WA