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Do you have PTSD? Or does someone you know have it?

Statistics say one out of nine women have or have had PTSD – about twice the rate that men do. Nationwide that adds up to over 40 million people who have or have had PTSD.

It’s over a month now since I’ve last written you – in that time I’ve done a lot of thinking about PTSD.


If PTSD is a concern of yours, let me share what I’ve realized.

First, most PTSD treatment is about COPING – very few programs or methods ELIMINATE PTSD. The ICE Method, because it’s based in Memory Reconsolidation – actually eliminates PTSD – for good.

I started asking myself if helping people who have PTSD is where I’d really like to focus my own life and my own contribution. I realized if I do this, I want to create a program for people who are truly motivated to be over their PTSD. I wanted to create a program where I could guarantee that people would get over their PTSD, or I would give them their money back.


Over the past month I made that program – NoPTSD.

In this program we use The ICE Method to remove the stored upsets that cause PTSD. Then we use The ICE Method to remove any barriers to getting back to normal living. Then we follow up long enough to make sure that the results stick. And I guarantee the result.

Thanks to Sherry at for helping me put the website together. Thanks to those of you who have critiqued and encouraged and already made NoPTSD better.

Do you have PTSD? Or do you know someone who does?

If you do, I’d like to speak with you. You can call me at 509-885-2262. And you can find more here – at

But what if I don’t have PTSD? Next time I’ll show you the similarities and the differences between regular upset memories and PTSD memories.

Blessings and Peace in a world that needs both right now.