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Stretch a string out in front of yourself, into the infinite future. Stretch another behind you, back to the beginning of your life. Standing here in the present moment, where is your attention?


Scientist David Hawkins spent most of his life exploring consciousness. I’ve spent the last few days reading his words and watching him speak on video. I’m struck more deeply than ever by the relationship between enlightenment and the upsets, traumas, and ptsd that affect our lives.

It all comes down to this – “where is my attention?”

If we have PTSD, our attention gets captured by past events that keep triggering in the present moment. If we are living with PTSD, we have emotional and physical reactions that affect both our waking and our sleeping. But even if we don’t have PTSD, our attention is often captured by the angers, the fears and the stresses of getting through each day.


When we “calm” those, when we ICE their impact away, new possibilities open up. And if we’re interested in enlightenment, that can begin to open as well. Here’s David Hawkins with a three minute youtube clip – Enlightenment is Certain.” Ane here, in a 90 second clip is the Simple focus for enlightenment.” (forgiveness, unconditional love, and reverence for the infinite.)

Is your attention captured by anything other than forgiveness, love, and the infinite?

For the first 50 years of my life I had no idea I could literally remove the stored upsets from my brain. I adapted and reacted and had a fine life – but – becoming aware that I could truly remove the upsets – that has made all the difference. The more I live this, the more I see the connections to attention, consciousness, forgiveness, love, and enlightenment.

Have an enlightening week!

PS – if you’d like to discover more about David Hawkins life and contributions – his website is, and here’s part one of a six part day-long lecture he delivered five years ago.