Noah Spence Womens Jersey  No PTSD - About the founder, Lars Clausen

I felt such deep relief. It has been such an amazing experience to work with Lars. I wish I had been able to do this 30 years ago but I will be grateful for today and the healing that has been achieved.

Gail Dailey

I help people eliminate PTSD.

Even compared to unicycling through all 50 states, engineering wind turbines, and pastoring in Alaska; the biggest gem on the road was learning how brain chemistry can remove fear and upsets. The science discovery is called Memory Reconsolidation, and I’m one of the few people who is so far basing my work on this discovery. I’ve written three books on how to apply this discovery to health and healing.

It’s my great pleasure to have helped hundreds of people find home to the birthright calm in their lives.  I’ve learned this:

The more we heal our fears and upsets –
the more we enjoy life.

When we’re suffering, PTSD takes us out of the game of life.  I am deeply grateful for the chance to help people like you get back in the game.   Every time I see someone recover from PTSD, I feel so privileged to witness and so thankful to play a part.

That unicycle trip I mentioned above – I actually set two Guinness World Records. These days I love gardening in the summer, skiing in the winter, and learning all year long.  The kids are now in college and my wife and I are transitioning back to us. We live in Chelan, Washington, at the foot of a glacial-carved lake.

Lars Clausen


NoPTSD – “A World Worth Living For.”