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Have you tried everything else?

Are you weary of anxiety medications, therapies, alternative treatments, and even mindfulness practices that haven’t truly eliminated your PTSD? I help people who want more from life than just coping with PTSD.

“Why haven’t I gotten rid of my PTSD?”

Everything you experience stores as chemical reactions in your brain and body.  Extreme experiences can store and cause extreme reactions.  That’s PTSD.

Until recently,brain researchers believed memories store permanently in our brain.
If that were really true, the best you could hope for is to cope and survive.

Then. A revolutionary discovery.

In the year 2000 scientists figured out how to remove fear from memory. Over the last four years I’ve used this discovery of Memory Reconsolidation to create The ICE Method. I’ve helped hundreds of people eliminate stored anger, fear, sadness, and other upset emotions.


Now. Eliminate your PTSD.

I’m Lars Clausen. I can help you remove the upset emotions stored in your brain and body. I can help you get your life back. The ICE Method is so effective I guarantee your results.



My Guarantee

If you know the specific events and experiences that caused your PTSD, you will be able to live without emotional upsets in the specific areas, events, and experiences we mutually agree to address. If you don’t achieve this result, I will refund your money.

Get Over Your PTSD

Call me to see how:
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How this works:

You will find that everything I offer you is based on how the brain works. Every memory gets stored with “molecules of emotion.” This is also what happened when your PTSD experiences got stuck in your memory. By paying attention to your memories in a certain way, you can switch out the molecules of emotion. When you do this you get over your PTSD.

Who is this for?

Military and
First Responders

Traumatic Accidents

Bullying and
Work Trauma

Family and Relationships

Have you seen or lived through traumatic experiences that are still impacting your life? All sorts of experiences can cause PTSD. What matters is the effect that the experience continues to have on your life. This program will help you if  your behavior, activities, mood, sleep, self-worth, or other parts of your life are being negatively affected by your exposure to trauma,  By removing the emotional storage from the trauma events in your life, you get rid of your PTSD.